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    What’s the difference between Totem and Totem Duo?

    Totem is designed to be used in workplaces where the individuals who access are adults, therefore presumably taller than 1.50 m and up to 2.10 m. In fact, the cone for measuring body temperature by means of a thermoscanner provides an angle covering heights from 1.50 m up to 2.10 m.

    Totem Duo is instead designed for premises that can also be visited by children and / or disabled people. The device is equipped with two thermoscanner measuring points, it guarantees the measurement from 0.50 cm in height up to 2.1 mt. The two detection points are coordinated by the same display; therefore, the function of the monitor does not change, only the only change is represented by the entire range of possible man height.


    Why the Desk version has been conceived?

    The Desk version has been designed for all those places where there is no physical space for the installation of a totem. The compact Desk version works exactly like the Totem version, however there is no possibility to install the sanitizer gel dispenser nor to connect the base support with a people counting button, consequently it will not be possible to activate the presence regulation system inside the room.


    What is the Mini version?

    The Mini version is a product line designed and conceived exclusively for use on public / private means of transportation, mainly buses, trolley buses or other means of transportation; the functioning of the body temperature measurement is the same as in the Totem versions.

    The starter kit consists of a controller (to be placed either under a passenger seat or near the driver’s driving position) and a thermoscanner (physically spaced from the controller); a suitable cable connects the two devices to each other.


    What systems are used by Thermo Access products to report a high body temperature detection?

    The Thermo Access line is equipped with various warning systems for the possible detection of a body temperature above 37.5 ° C

    1. Visual: the devices are equipped with LED lights, visible through openings on the top (protected by transparent material). They light up in red and flash when a temperature above the established limit is detected. This function can be activated or deactivated according to the privacy rules used by the Purchaser. In addition, a visual signal is clearly indicated by the display which, in the case of temperature detection above the limit, shows a red frame where the value of the detected temperature is also displayed.
    2. Sound: inside the devices there is an acoustic alarm, which is activated in case of detection of a temperature above the limit; also in this case, the device can be activated or deactivated, depending on the privacy rules used by the Purchaser.

    Finally, the system also provides for the sending of dedicated emails to the addresses provided by the Purchaser, if pre-configured. When a temperature above the limit is detected, a warning email is immediately sent. Within June 2020, in free mode, the system will also send telephone messages to toll-free numbers or other contact details provided by the Purchaser.


    Thermo Access systems are equipped with a 4G connection; how does the dedicated telephone contract work?

    All Thermo Access products are equipped with a 4G connection, through a device contracted with an important Italian mobile operator. The contract, whose cost is included in the sale price, is valid for one year, the guarantee period for the product. This choice is due to the need to reach the device for remote assistance and for any software updates. Before the contractual expiration, the purchaser will be provided with the contract number and related details, so that the same can proceed with the renewal. In case of operator changes, if you are interested into it, please communicate the relevant data to our company, for any remote assistance you may need.

    Can Totem and Totem Duo be installed outdoors?

    Yes, the Totem and Totem Duo devices can be installed outdoors. The only caveat to note is that the structures must not be placed in areas subject to direct sunlight; in summer, when the external temperatures are very high, if the devices are installed in direct sunlight, their temperature could exceed 60°C, thus causing a drift of the temperature detection sensor. In case of rainfall, Thermo Access products do not fear any weather condition, being category IP65.

    If a person is particularly sweaty, can the temperature detection vary in a substantial way?

    Thermo Access products are designed so that, during the 5 seconds of face-display alignment, different measurements are made in several spots of the face. These measurements are then processed and determine an average temperature measurement. In case parameters are not certain or deemed inconsistent by the system, a clear message will appear on the display reporting that the measurement must be repeated. Having foreseen this system of data collection and processing, we believe that no factor can determine significant errors in body temperature detecting.

    Do Thermo Access systems include photo or video recordings??

    Yes, Thermo Access products record images; these images can be stored inside the device or sent, via ethernet connection, to the Purchaser servers.

    The system provides for the possibility of recording all the detections, or only the detections that involve results above the limit. However, the system allows the definition of the parameters that each Purchaser wishes, in compliance with the privacy rules applied by him. Therefore, all the records – in the necessary processing and cancellation times – can be destroyed and/or archived for a definable time.

    Any access to recordings is protected by a password system that the Purchaser has to set, in order to limit access to such data only to authorized persons.


    But is it really true that the device can be installed in 5 minutes?

    The Buyer will receive the Thermo Access products already packed (remember that the courier responsible for shipping the Totem and Totem Duo versions will be equipped with a vehicle with a hydraulic tail lift).

    One only has to open the packaging, remove the device, connect it to a 230V power outlet, press the on/off button and the device will be ready for use; therefore, we confirm the installation time.

    If there is any kind of problems in case of different settings requests compared to the ordered version, please contact the dedicated toll-free number, or send an e-mail to info@thermoaccess.com. Our technicians will immediately intervene remotely and monitor potential problems.

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