Base Support to count exiting people

The Totem, Totem Duo products and their customizable versions, can also be used to regulate the number of people that can be hosted inside the room in order to enhance adherence the minimum distance requirements foreseen by the norms into force.

Product price
VAT excluded
Additional options total:
VAT excluded
Order total:
VAT excluded
The following rules are active:
  • Maximum quantity allowed for this product: 200

This option is extremely important particularly to avoid hiring personnel dedicated to this specific task.

Once the body temperature measuring is completed, the system allows the entrance of the person and count it. If the user exceeds the maximum number of people forecasted, he/she will be requested to wait thanks to a specific message on the monitor.

An additional base support is provided to count people exiting the area, inclusive of a 100–meter cable. For example, this item can be made available near a shop’s cashier. Whenever the cashier completes a checkout, they will push the button to signal the exit of a client and therefore allow the access of the following one. Alternatively, the people counting button at the exit can be pushed by the client. The base support is designed to be pushed with the hand or elbow. In order to avoid contamination as much as possible, we suggest to regularly sanitize the device.

We point out that the system foresees also the possibility to purchase several base supports that can communicate with the Totem /Totem Duo; if there is more than one check-out point in the store, it is possible to buy several base supports to count exiting people.

In case the base support to count exiting people is bought together with the totem, the device will be ready for use and the Purchaser should only place it in the ideal position. In case the device is bought afterward, the Thermo Access technicians, thanks to the remote access, will configure the maximum number of people that can enter the area. Once the device arrives, one only needs to connect it to the totem (requiring a few minutes) and the system will be fully functioning.

We suggest to install it at the end of the working hours, so that it is possible to verify the functioning with the Thermo Access technicians and avoid any disruptions.

For shipment in Italy, at the discretion of the Purchaser, two types of packaging are used: box or cage.

Fax simile di cassa utilizzata per imballo
Cage packing
Fax simile di cassa utilizzata per imballo
Crate packing

In compliance with international packaging regulations or when specifically requested by the buyer, fumigated packaging is possible for shipments abroad: a completely closed case, using OSB wood.

Foto fax simile tipologia cassa fumigata
Fumigated packaging with OSB wooden case

The indicative measures of the packaging, regardless of its type, are 2200 mm long – 900 mm wide – 650 mm high.

Estimated total gross weight of    200 kg, per package.

We specify that the courier in charge of delivery (whose name will be communicated during the shipment), will be equipped with a hydraulic lift transportation mean.

Below are the delivery times of the ordered material:

The Supplier will ship the products ordered by the Purchaser within 8 working days from the receipt of the payment. In case of customized products, the time needed for preparing the graphics, which can vary from 8 to 15 working days, must be added to the normal 8 days. Delivery will take place by courier appointed by the Supplier and the goods will travel with suitable insurance coverage.

In Italy, delivery varies according to the urgency indicated by the Purchaser, therefore from a minimum of 48 hours up to a maximum of 7 working days. The Italian islands are an exception, for which the minimum is equal to 96 hours up to a maximum of 9 working days. In Europe and in the rest of the world times vary from 3 to 15 working days, depending on the Country of destination.

Other useful notes:

  • For graphically customized products, the packaging does not undergo any changes compared to what is described above.
  • For shipment of accessories (adjustment and management base supports for entrances and exits, sanitizer gel kit) not contextual to the first purchase, reinforced cardboard packaging will be used, commonly used, since the optional elements not heavy and/or bulky.
  • During the unpacking operations, it is recommended to scrupulously follow the instructions indicated on the outside of the packaging.
  • All THERMO ACCESS products will be accompanied by the installation and start-up manual, the use and maintenance manual and the declaration of conformity of the product. These documents will be inserted inside each package.


Outer casing
internal structure in folded 25/10 galvanized steel
perimeter and top shutters in 15/10 powder coated sheet metal
IP protection grade
IP protection grade 21
Environmental conditions
not recommended for outdoor use with direct solar radiation (temperature over 60°C)
router 4G SCALANCE M876-4; for wireless IP communication of Ethernet-based automation equipment via LTE optimized for mobile networks (4G) for use in Europe, VPN, firewall, NAT, 4-port switch; 2 SMA antennas, MIMO technology; 1 digital input, 1 digital output.
Transmission speed
Transmission speed 10 Mbit/s, 100 Mbit/s
Environmental conditions
Room temperature
during use -20 … +70°C
Memory type: EEPROM
Memory usable for application data: 30 kbyte
Working memory
integrated: 50 kbyte
CPU processing times
For bit operations, typ. 0,085 µs;/operation
For word operations, typ. 1,7 µs;/operation
For floating point operations, typ. 2,3 µs;/operation
Environmental conditions
Room temperature during use
during use, min. -20°C
max.  60°C
storage temperature range -10°C to 60°C
operating temperature range 0°C to 50°C
Temperature resolution
Temperature resolution +/- 0,2°C
Object temperature detection range 5°C to  50°C
Reference temperature range 5°C to  45°C
Comfort Panel, touch control, 9″ display TFT widescreen, 16 millions colors, interface PROFINET, interface MPI/PROFIBUS DP, design memory 12 Mbyte, Windows CE 6.0
Display width 195 mm
Display height 117 mm
Number of colors 16.777.216
Resolution (pixels)
Vertical image resolution 480 Pixels
Backlight MTBF (a 25°C) 80.000 h
Dimmable backlight: Yes; 0-100 %
Flash: Yes
RAM: Yes
Memory usable for user data 12 Mbytes
Environmental conditions
Room temperature during use
During use (vertical installation)
with vertical mounting position, min. 0°C
with vertical mounting position, max. 50°C;
Online languages
Languages number online/runtime 32
4 Megapixel Vandal-Resistant Network IR Dome Camera
Imaging Device 1/3″ 4M CMOS
Total Pixels 2,720(H) x 1,536(V)
Effective Pixels 2,688(H) x 1,520(V)
Scanning System: Progressive
Min. Illumination: Color 0,15Lux(30IRE), B/W: 0Lux (IR LEDon)
Day & Night:  True Day & Night
Backlight Compensation: Off/BLC/WDR
Operating Temperature/Humidity: -30°C ˜+55°C (-22°F ˜+131°F)/Less than 90% RH.
*Start up shoud be done at above -20°C (-4°F).
Storage Temperature/Humidity: -30°C ˜+60°C (-22°F˜+140°F)/Less than 90% RH
Ingress Protection/Vandal Resistance: IP66/IK10
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