Who We Are

Cesaf Srl and C.M. Solutions Srl

I am Diego Pol, sole manager of CESAF S.R.L., a company based in the Treviso area that has been working in the contract and telecommunication fields for decades, in Italy and abroad as well.

Andrea Minozzi, Manager of C.M. SOLUTIONS S.R.L., a Company based in Padua and dedicated to the manufacturing of MV/LV Electrical Switchboards, Power Centre, MCC, hardware and software automated systems, in Italy as well as abroad.

Businessmen, colleagues, friends; “allies” when facing great challenges in the business field and in life.

In 2014, Pol experiences in first person the horrible Ebola pandemic, the terrible viral disease that stroke Liberia and other Countries of West Africa.

Back then, Andrea was working with Diego on a number of important projects to be completed in Monrovia (the capital of Liberia), and he can feel that same anguish.

Now in 2020, the two of them got together to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.  For this reason they stood out in front of the spreading of the Coronavirus emergency and they understood they could give their contribution in preventing and limiting the spreading.

“With the memory of the distress I lived experienced in Liberia – they say – we have been thinking about what we could do to limit the anxiety and agitation we felt and that it is now surrounding us.  Hence, since we are aware that prevention is fundamental in our battle to go back to normality, we designed THERMO ACCESS, a system to measure the body temperature to be used in public places near accesses and entrances. We are convinced that its use can be helpful during Phase 2 of the Covid-19 emergency.

Fight against Covid-19 thanks to prevention. Instill tranquility and serenity to the communities on the workplaces in order to go back to normal life as soon as possible.


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